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Vital Records Protection

Vital Records Protection
Dedicated to providing educational information about the protection of vital records from fire, disasters, theft and other dangers


A collection of useful articles and white papers on Vital Records Protection and Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

  1. "HIPAA & Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Overview"
    Source: Disaster Recovery Journal Magazine
    » Read Article 1

  2. "Vital-Records Storage -- Off-site vs. On-site?"
    Source: National Fire Protection Association Journal Online
    » Read Article 2

  3. White Paper: "The Crucial Role of Vital Records in Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery"
    Source: Fire King International
    » Read Article 3

  4. "Avoiding data disaster — Many small businesses fail to protect their core documents from the threat of calamity."
    Source: The Sacramento Bee
    » Read Article 4

  5. "Fireproof Goods Protection — Don't let tenants get burned"
    Source: Inside Self-Storage Magazine
    » Read Article 5

  6. "Moving from 'If' to 'When' — Addressing the Urgency of B/C Mgt."
    Source: CPM Global Assurancee
    » Read Article 6 (PDF Format)

  7. "How to prevent an information disaster"
    Source: Society for Non-Profit Organizations
    » Read Article 7 (PDF Format)

  8. "The Bioterrorism Act — Implications for Vital Records Protection"
    Source: FireKing Security Group
    » Read Article 8 (PDF Format)

  9. "American Banking Association — Records Management"
    Source: ABA Banking Journal
    » Read Article 9 (PDF Format)

  10. "The CFO’s Role in Disaster Recovery"
    Source: FireKing Security Group
    » Read Article 10

  11. "Electronic Document Management for CPAs"
    Source: FireKing Security Group
    » Read Article 11

  12. "Organizing Your Important Papers "
    Source: InsideIndianaBusiness.com
    » Read Article 12

  13. "VRP is Key to a Company's Survival"
    Source: San Antonio Business Journal (July 2007)
    » Read Article 13 (PDF Format)

  14. "The Heartbeat of the Hospital"
    Source: FireKing Security Group (September 2007)
    » Read Article 14 (PDF Format)

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